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How To Make Your Mobile Website User Friendly

For those create a mobile website for their business or blog, there?s a lot to think about to ensure their mobile site is as user friendly as possible. Here are several tips to consider before starting your site development:

Google and Verizon’s Open Internet Framework: Not Open for Mobile Internet Users
An Explanation of Contradictory Principles

Google has always fought openly for an open Internet and web surfing platform, while historical Verizon statements contradict and ?oppose an open Internet-especially for consumers paying higher premiums for preferential Internet speeds or advertisers paying to put their traffic above others. However, recent talks between the two giants over the Net Neutrality and open Internet issues make for an even more confusing debate-which has apparently offered a proposal for a solution: Only wired Internet users have the right to an Open Internet and the Net Neutrality principles; wireless Internet users, such as those with laptops and,...

Make Content Easy to Digest ? The key to ensuring your mobile website if user friendly is to simply design it as if you were to use it yourself. Think about how frustrating it's to try and read pages and pages of text on any mobile device. Remember to keep everything as concise and hassle-free as possible. This may mean rewriting your website content specifically for your mobile website.

Simple Navigation ? As with content, keep things simple. Overcomplicated navigation systems will aggravate your mobile users and may lead to less mobile web traffic. Make sure your menu bars are easy to read and that any buttons are big enough to click on touchscreens that don?t allow for zoom. Breadcrumb navigation can be an excellent way to save navigation space and means you don't have to include your main navigation buttons within each page. Another nice tip to simple navigation is to ensure that selected items are clearly highlighted so mobile users can be sure when their selection has been made.

Device Compatibility?? –. With so many mobiles now allowing for web usage, your mobile website could appear slightly different on each handset. Where possible make your site compatible for an array of devices including iPhone and even iPad models.

How Does a Mobile Optimize Site Help you Expand your Business?

Building Mobile Website helps showcases your business to world. It helps you entice new users and thereby help you enhance your conversion rate too. The higher the conversion rate, the more business you are likely to get. It would be better if you start this project by planning everything small and big in advance. It would be beneficial too. However, talking to an expert is always highly recommended. This is so because experts have better insight into the market and give the best advice in order to succeed.
There are many ways of accomplishing the same thing. However, you must...

Keep things consistent ? If you're designing a mobile website there is a strong chance you already have a full scale website already set up. To keep your business or blog branding consistent (and make your web visitors experience more enjoyable) keep design elements consistent. This may include sticking to the same color schemes, fonts and content tone.

Take it for a Test Drive ? When you?ve finished the design and development process of your mobile website, it?s time to test, test and test your web experience. This means checking that all the aforementioned tips are in place and working successfully, plus noting any faults or inadequacies that a user may experience and fixing them accordingly. There are plenty of businesses that can test your mobile website for you too to ensure that there are no other flaws that you?ve missed out on.

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