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How to Link Twitter to Facebook

One of the biggest revolutions on the Internet can be attributed to social networking sites like Facebook and microblogging sites like Twitter. These sites have made a deep impact, not only on the Internet. Also on social life. People are getting increasingly addicted to live the virtual lifestyle. They've changed the way information travels within social circles and the way people interact. With more than 500 million users, the world exists on Facebook currently.

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The Role of Twitter in Business

?Twitter is a social networking website which allows users to type a message no more than 140 characters in length about what they are doing. People may follow other users, and people who are not "following" each other cannot see updates. The services SMS updates along with being able to keep updates private, meaning the updates will not be indexed in the search engines.


The main benefit to Twitter is being able to connect to your consumer audience and announce specials, sales, and other promotions. You may also be able to connect to others in related fields...

Twitter has given a new dimension to the idea of microblogging, which has revolutionized how thoughts travel on the Internet and impact the real world. Managing your Facebook and Twitter accounts can be a big hassle. Keeping track of activities on both can be cumbersome. However, if you learn about linking Twitter with Facebook, using both the accounts is simpler. You can update your status on both sites, at the same time.

How to Link Them Together

I primarily use Facebook and so I first thought of looking for a way in which you could link Facebook with Twitter. I was pretty sure that there must be some application, which could do this for me. So, here is a simple guide about the same.

Using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube As Marketing Tools

A brief explanation of how YouTube, Facebook and Twitter can benefit your business marketing and how they should be used.

Social media has exploded in popularity in the last four years and has proven to be extremely effective for people to keep in touch online. But more recently, it has shown to have tremendous marketing potential, helping people boost their websites rankings, advertise services and save resources. This short article will go through the three biggest names in social media and how can than assist your marketing campaign.

Facebook is a website where users can stay in touch with friends,...

There is a special Facebook application that lets you link Twitter to Facebook. To locate the application, firstly, you must sign into Facebook. In the search box at the top, type ‘Twitter’. you'll immediately see some results displayed in a drop down list. Select the Twitter application from all the search results and click on it. The application page will open.

On the page, hit the button which says –. ‘Go to application’. Like all other Facebook applications, this one too, will ask for permission to access your personal data. Allow access to get connected with the application. Once you do that, another page will open that'll be a login page to your Twitter account.

To gain access to your Twitter account, via this Facebook application, you'll have to enter your Twitter login name and password. Once you do that, you'll gain access to an interface which lets you tweet directly via Facebook. This is made possible because of the Facebook API (Application Programming Interface).

If you want your Twitter updates or tweets to be simultaneously posted as your Facebook status messages, click on the link at the top right, which says ‘Allow Twitter to Update Facebook Status‘. Once you allow for the updates, the application will directly post every one of your tweets onto your Facebook account.

Social networking sites like Facebook take a bit of time to get used to. you'll get a hang of it eventually, with practice. Now, you can communicate with your Twitter followers and Facebook friends simultaneously. It rescues you from the tiring task of updating both statuses simultaneously.


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