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How to Follow Someone on Twitter

What Does “Following Someone”. Mean

The site gives you the option to follow a friend, celebrity, group. Business. The word “following”. Here means that you'll receive updates from the people, groups. Pages you’ve selected. This happens when they sign into their respective profiles. When they tweet or publish something, you’ll get an instant update on your page. These updates come in the form of tweets―a 140 characters message. you'll be informed about these tweets on a regular basis, once you log in to your account.

Follow. Not Stalk

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Basically, there are 2 ways to follow someone. Let’s go through each of these processes. Understand what it requires you to do.

Method #1

This method is pretty straightforward. First of all, you need to do is click on the profile page (whomsoever you wish to follow). Once you reach their page, you'll need to look for the “Follow”. Button. To locate the button, go to the bottom of the page. Look under the username. Click on the button. It’s done.

Method #2

On the particular profile page, place the cursor on the right side of the profile picture. When you do so, you'll be able to see the information about this person, group. Business. Along with this, you'll also see the “Follow”. Button. Click on the button. Follow them.

Many times, there are some users who wish to keep their profiles private. In such cases, you won’t be able to choose the “Follow”. Button to access their tweets. In order to know if a user has set his/her profile as private, there will be a message that says―I’m only giving updates to friends. When you see this message, there will be another message that'll ask you if you'd like to “Add”. This user. you'll be required to click on this button in order to follow that particular user’s tweets. Now if that particular “someone”. Wishes that others can view their tweets, he/she's to approve each user in order to follow them. Once this happens, you'll see the tweets.

Now that you know how Twitter’s “follow”. Function works, perhaps you too might wish to get some followers of your own. To help you achieve this, read the Buzzle article how to get more Twitter followers. There are many more interesting facets of Twitter and you’d be surprised as to how fun and impressive this site can really get. Have fun while you’re at it and make sure you don’t put a lot of spam on the Twitter board. (You’ll get thrown out).


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