Star Social Media | How It Works

How It Works


When looking for marketing solutions, many small businesses are faced with two radically different – but equally challenging options:

Both options are resource intensive.

One eats up time and effort (exacting large opportunity costs) and the other gobbles up working capital that could be invested elsewhere. Faced with these two extremes, many small businesses end up neglecting their marketing efforts altogether – until their sales pipeline dries up and they’re forced to hastily cobble together a marketing strategy.


Marketing as a Service







Get the tools, proven strategies and campaign materials (plus regular replenishment) to help your business continually attract, engage and convert prospects.

Our services sit right in between the DIY option and agency services – delivering the professional campaign development and delivery you’d expect from an agency, but priced closer to the cost of simple DIY tools you can afford.

Leverage your strengths

Experts in creating and delivering their own products and services, many small businesses don’t have the experience, bandwidth, or desire to learn and apply the marketing principles that work in today’s wired world.

So they rely on us. Through years of experience, and no small amount of trial and error, we have developed some strategies that resonate in the marketplace – formulas that reliably generate new opportunities for our clients.

In summary, by offering cost-effective tools and services that generate demand, Star Social Media helps you stay focused on what you do best – delivering great products and services to your customers.