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Google and comScore's new partnership changes the future of online ads

The question is now that each time you view a website there are ads but do you really view the ad? Google is asking that question of comScore the largest online research firm in the world and finding that the answer is 54% reach viewership attention.

On Monday, comScore announced a partnership with Google, the leader in digital advertising, to help advertisers figure out who's looking at their ads in real time, while an ad campaign is going on so brands can make adjustments on the fly and perhaps engage more people to click.

The deal, which has been in the works for almost a year, may affect billions of ads a day, changing the way agencies and big companies run and monitor campaigns. This is part of a broader push by Google to attract more big brands, which have traditionally spent most of their money on TV which accounts for 60% of advertising revenue.

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The total brand advertising market, which includes digital, TV and more traditional offline ads, is worth at least $300 billion a year.Google is positioning itself and partnering with more companies to grab as much of this money as possible as more online TV and movies online appears.

The deal spells out that Google will integrate comScore’s Validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) technology for measuring ad performance directly into Google’s DoubleClick ad-serving platform.

Initially, the tools will be available to quickly measure how viewers are interacting with video and display ads on the desktop. Eventually, the partners plan to extend the measurements to mobile devices.

The announcement was made by Neal Mohan, vice president for display advertising at Google, discussing the partnership during a speech at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s leadership conference in Palm Desert, Calif., when he added ‘It’s going to. The very first time, give advertisers and publishers real-time insights into whether their campaigns are delivering,’

Data on viewership of display ads, such as the banner ads that run across the top or along the side of many web pages, is typically difficult to get quickly, Mr. Mohan said in his speech.

For comScore, the deal validates vCE, which helps advertiser’s measure viewership of ads more precisely. Advertisers, meanwhile, will get faster, easier, real-time tools to assess their ads.

This opportunity to develop advertising for the web and mobile devices will finally lead to quality advertising and more relevant ads which will drive up the numbers of engaged viewers.

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