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Get A Digital Marketing Certification From Wlci:

WLCI has been educating the young youths of India for the past 18 years. It's the largest professional educational institute that's pan-India presence and more than 700 trained faculty members to chart out a systematic “Learner-centric”. Path for imparting “industry-oriented”. Education in India.

The business management school offers Digital Marketing course and also the option of “Specialisation”. In that subject in the 10 centres across the length and breadth of the country. These centres are located in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Nagpur, Goa, Hyderabad, Pune and Lucknow.

The Digital Marketing course focuses on new and emerging digital media, search engines, search engine optimisation, display advertising, websites, mobile marketing and M-Commerce. The students are given extensive training on ‘Digital’. Branding which includes- online marketing, usage patterns and consumer behavior.

This module focuses on the use of advanced digital media for marketing, including digital newspapers and directories, DTH, IPTV, mobile TV and satellite &. Community radio. The students are given an in-depth understanding of the usage of digital technologies in business models with revenue streams. The students are taught about convergence processes and ICE (information, communication &. Entertainment trends) and gain an understanding of legal issues in digital marketing.

Some of the related course contents are discussed here:

Digital Media: The course material for digital media covers the following topics

New and emerging Digital Media,

Mail accounts and groups,

Search engines,

Search Engine Optimisation,

Display Advertising,

Instant Messaging (IM) /Chat,

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Video casting,



Social Media Optimisation &. Marketing Strategies,


Mobile Marketing &. M-Commerce,

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Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS) Mobile Gaming,

3G technology,

Creating a digital platform,

Video emails and direct mailers,

Media choice and selection, and

Media Planning.

Digital Branding: Digital branding covers-

Marketing Mix,

Principles of IMC &. Its programs,

Online Marketing,

Online usage patterns,

Online Consumer Behaviour,

Global Consumer Behaviour,

Affiliate Marketing, and

Account Management.

Advanced Digital Media: The topics covered are-

Viral marketing and word of web,

Digital newspapers,

Magazines and directories,

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DTH, IPTV and Mobile TV,

Digital cinema,

Satellite &. Community radio.

Forums, Video logs, Cyber PR,

Social media research &. Metrics,

Photo-sharing and message boards,

Social gaming,

RSS feeds,

Animation and VFX,

Internet telephony,

Web metrics,

E-Commerce and E-CRM.

Blue tooth technology,

WIKIs and content communities,

Content syndication and micro blogging,

Social bookmarking and social calendars.

Digital Technologies: The topics are-

New trends and technologies,

Future of digital media,

Business models and revenue streams,

Webinar and web conferencing in India.


Emerging Media,

ICE (Information, Communication &. Entertainment) trends.

Legal issues &. Analytics:

Public policy Issues,

Statutory and Legal framework,

Rights and Privacy Policies,

Digital Analytics,

Ethical Issues,

Advanced Analytics

Eligibility Criteria: There are full time programmes for the ‘Post-Graduate’. The ‘Under-graduate’. Levels. There are also certification courses for the working professionals.

-Post-Graduate Level: Professional Programme in Business Management with specializations in Marketing.

-Under-Graduate Level: Integrated Professional Programme in Business Management with specializations in Marketing.

-Programmes for Working Professionals:

Proficient Level Certificate in Marketing

Specialist Level Certification in Marketing –. Specialisation in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the most rapidly growing segment of business in India and across the globe. This will result in an explosion of job opportunities in this segment and hence create a massive requirement of trained and skilled manpower in Digital Marketing. WLCI Digital Marketing course gets you “job-ready”. The present and the future.

WLCI is one of the largest professional training institutions in India. Over the last 18 years, we have gained a reputation for providing high quality professionals to different industries, not only in India but globally. We operate 11 learning locations offering Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi across the subcontinent and each of these locations provides excellent training facilities and has well qualified and experienced.

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