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Facebook – Applications and Fan Pages

It's now been over a year since the social media “hype”. Began. If you're an internet marketer, e-marketing strategist, smo consultant, online organisation, website owner or an entrepreneur you must've come across the term social media or social networks. The entire business scenario is being now dictated by social networks. Each day we witness new changes in the trends and thousands of social networking applications are developed.

Facebook is without a doubt the leading social site at the moment with a colossal user base and a gigantic list of apps to its name. The platform is rich in features which are essential for social media marketers in order to promote their business and increase their overall monetization worth. Facebook applications and Facebook Fan Pages are considered to be the two most effective and highly used SM tools. Social media consultants maintain the view point that in order to develop a sound social media campaign for your business, Facebook apps and Fan Pages are a must.

Effective Web Hosting for Social Media Sites

Social media websites are a relevant and a crucial aspect of Web surfacing in all parts of the world. The social media networking websites of today require only the most accommodating and innovative Web hosting. Because social media, podcast, forum wikis and weblog formats are varied, website hosts must be responsive and flexible to all of their client's needs. One of the common features among social networking websites is how they discuss and share personal information, which is something all social media campaigns need to keep in mind.
Above all else, it is important to remember that social...

Facebook Applications –. Why does your business need one?

Facebook Application is the best way possible to kick off your social media campaign. Facebook apps play a major role in not only promoting your business but also in improving your monetization value and in generating greater revenue. The trick with Facebook applications is to make it as engaging as possible. Why's that necessary? The amount of engagement you bring about in your application will directly affect how viral it becomes.

By being viral I mean that how many people who use your Facebook application will recommend it to their friends? Remember that the core concept behind social networks is to share, socialise and connect! Facebook application development is offered by many firms. It's best to get a custom Facebook application developed by some professionals so that your application can best suit your product.

How to Make Money on Facebook
Facebook is a very well-known platform for a number of activities other than socializing. In today's world, everything in the corporate and social world depends on the Internet. There are several websites that provide people with various opportunities to make the most of the presented business ideas. Facebook is one such website, which started off as a fun social networking site, where millions of users could get in touch with long lost acquaintances.

Today, with the evolution in all aspects of technology, this website too has made a recent endeavor. It presents a unique opportunity for marketers, developers, and...

Facebook Fan Page –. What? Why? How?

If you're wondering what a Facebook Fan Page is or that how does it helps your cause or that why you need one, read on to find the answer!

Facebook Fan Page is a great way to interact with your clients, fans and consumers. It can be thought of as a single page website where you can involve with the people who use your product or services (fans). The best thing about a Fan Page is that your customers feel more connected and personalized with you. This is highly effective in terms of brand maintenance and improving your market repute.® Launches Interactive Facebook Application to Integrate Obituary Content into Facebook’s Latest ‘Timeline’ Business Page Template

Boston, MA & Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) March 19, 2012, the online resource for local and national obituary news, today at the 2012 ICCFA conference announced the launch of a new Facebook application designed to allow funeral homes to seamlessly integrate their obituary listings into their Facebook business pages and capitalize on the traffic and interactivity of the leading social network that now captures one in every eleven Internet visits in the U.S.* Tributes Facebook app was developed specifically for the new “Timeline Page for Business” design, scheduled to be released by Facebook on March 30th.


Customized Facebook Fan Pages are developed which make use of photos, videos, applications etc so that the page looks alive and entertaining. It can be used to promote new services, get feedback on existing products and know what your targeted audience really needs! A Fan Page can prove to be a great resource if used wisely. Hold competitions and offer freebies! The possibilities are endless to what can be gained for a Facebook Fan Page.

It is quite evident that social media has become the key element in marketing and Facebook equips you with the best set of possible tools to promote your services and brand. Facebook Guru is a social media consultancy that provides app development for social networks. For further info visit our website

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