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Email Marketing – Do’s and Don’ts

Email marketing is one of the ways to drive traffic your website. Here are the important Do(s) and Don’t(s) of Email Marketing in my perspective.

First comes, the Dos

1. Develop a theme for your email marketing

Be clear on the purpose of your emailer. Probably, the purpose is to increase the business but, in certain cases people want business through various divisions. For example, in case of a car dealer, he may want more business through a specific model. So, be clear in your needs.

2. Next, the design and content

Set up a standard for the emailer design which as header with company logo and footer with address. Use an attractive design that matches the theme of the email and simple &. Catchy words but it shouldn't be too wordy. Use captions which will highlight the keywords. Short and Sweet could do more!

3. Offers/Specials

Give some offers/specials which would be beneficial for the seller as well as the buyer thereby creating ‘win-win’. Situation

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4. Unique in all regard

Your email should be unique in all regards –. Have your own style of design, content, attracting customers in your own way which would add a milestone for your company

5. Link the Emailer to your website

Link the most appropriate section of your website which has more information on that respective subject through some call to action buttons such as “Contact us for Details”/”Click here to find out more”. Also remember to have a lead/enquiry form on the page which is linked from your emailer.

6. Use proper Email Subject

Use Email etiquette while drafting subject lines for your emailer. Email Subject is one of the key factors of email marketing which first draws the attention of the recipient

7. Do have an option to unsubscribe and to subscribe

Include a unsubscribe option if the customer no longer want to receive your emails. In the mean-time. Interested people, outline clearly how to reach you.

8. Authenticated Email List

Verify whether you've the authenticated email list and update your email database often. Points 7 and 8 may help to prevent the level of spam.

9. Test the Emailer

Test the emailer once before you blast to your customers. Analyze every section of the emailer and verify whether everything works fine.

10. Track your campaign

After everything goes well, do track your email campaign on outcomes such as which one went well and analyze the strategy of why it went well. This would be a boost for your future endeavors.

Now, the Don’ts

1. Don’t spam the recipient inbox

Set an interval between one emailer and another according to the compliance. Don't spam the recipient inbox

2. Don’t hesitate to make study on simple things

Don't misspell words. Take care of grammatical flow. Don’t have more than 2 links in your emailer. Concentration on even simple things could get you more!

3. Don’t force the unsubscribe list

Once you understand that some of the customers aren't interested, don’t force them by sending the email again and again. Respect your customers!

The above Do(s) and Don’t(s) along with your tactics can set your way to drive traffic.

Ideas and Suggestions are always WELCOME!!!!



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