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El Chupacabra pictures and videos are werewolves real?

There are many El Chupacabra pictures and video but the hard true is to know if they're real or not. This creature is very similar to a wolf so it's also raise the question: are werewolves real?

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Recently we could see the El Chupacabra pictures and El Chupacabra video at the TV news. It was running away from the police officers, it was in brown color and didn’t have too much fur. It also had long and sharp fangs just like a vampire. But after a deep scientific research it was declared that his creature is just a hybrid of a wolf and a dog. However the legend is still alive and people just refuse to believe that there is no monster inLatin America. This creature was discovered in the 90s atPuerto Rico and stroke horror at the people who lives in villages near. It was also reported that the El Chupacabra killed many other animals (mainly cattle) in a very mysterious way. All the victims had two wounded or their necks like the story of Dracula fromTransylvania.

So if this monster turns to be a hoax or just an unexplained story what about the wolves? Are werewolves real? Physically this thing can not be done. A human can not transform to an animal. Again these happens only in ancient stories where people were afraid to become something else or on the other hand wanted to be something else and have it’s powers and abilities. So as far as we can see it's just wish for thinking or a psychological state where we want to be someone else or to have special characteristics.

Another way to interpret these psychic mystery phenomena is to understand that the human kind is afraid from many things. Sometimes we just can’t handle it on the rational side so we invent stories and hoax. This helps us to deal with the scary issues. It also helps to raise the awareness about it. for example if someone is afraid of a wolf then after there is a wolf hoax more people will know about it and realize that it's a scary issue that they share it with many more people. it's like a mental support for this fear. So the next time you ask yourself are werewolves real? Or watching the el chupacabra pictures and el chupacabra pictures video keep in mind that it might be just a myth.

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