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Don’t Get Left Behind- Embrace SoLoMo Today!

by Jeff Newton

Do you SoLoMo? Yes, I realize that may sound like the newest offering from the Starbucks menu. The acronym actually stands for social, local, mobile. What you do need to do however, is wrap your head around why SoLoMo is an extremely significant concept and marketing tool for your small business to utilize.

How to use social media as an advocacy tool.
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Page URL: HTML link: The Free Library. (2014). Retrieved Jun 21 2014 from When Barack Obama ran for President in 2008, he not only used a grassroots campaign to reach out to his constituents, he also utilized social media. President Obama is often referred as the "Social Media President" because of how he used Twitter and Facebook as a means of communicating his messages. Since Obama's run for President, other politicians and federal government officials have sought to capitalize on social media's reach by creating their own Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts. Policymakers are engaging in social media to not only interact with their...

What's SoLoMo and how can it help your small business?

The melding of these three distinct technologies was bound to happen. As mobile devices become more and more advanced, enabling geo-location services to track every move, it was only a small step into empowering businesses to send notifications to nearby customers. Research conducted recently by the Pew Internet &. American Life Project shows that around 74 percent of smartphone users use them to get information. Approximately 18 percent are using them to check in on local businesses with services like Foursquare. It's brought about both an opportunity and a challenge. A growing number of mobile users are searching for local products and services. If your company isn't using its social media to connect and draw these individuals who are out there roaming the streets seeking something to do, eat or buy. It’s your task to make sure they find you before they find someone else!

The Importance of Mobile Marketing

Following considerable research and analysis, I am now convinced that mobile marketing is not only the latest fad but becoming the ultimate marketing concept in the 21st century.


If you are employed in a company or working for a brand then you will be pretty aware of the following:

1: A humongous portion of traffic and conversion of your website originates via the use of tablets and smartphones. Furthermore, it is increasing daily.

2: The users of such gadgets are being transformed into your potential customers and sale leads because of their constant engagement and participation in their smartphones.

Recent research has...

3 Ways to engage with SoLoMo

  • Use social media – Through the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and others to engage and inform your customers and prospects, you’ve found a most effective and low-cost solution to build relationship and energize your brand simultaneously.
  • Be visible locally – Make use of local search directories that are suitable for your company. Actively target your local customers.
  • Don’t ignore mobile marketing – Use of mobile ads is making more and more sense these days, as ROIs are good, costs are affordable and ad inventory is high. Also, some local advertising solutions are very inexpensive or actually free, such as check in deal on Facebook or FourSquare.

One terrific demonstration of a company that gets SoLoMo is personified by Walgreens. Checking in with Foursquare gives their customers coupons and much more! SoLoMo isn’t going away anytime soon. Make sure you make it happen before your competition does!

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