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Did You Know That You Can Send Free Sms Messages Online With Torpedos Gratis?

There is a new free SMS message company called Torpedos Gratis. They allow you to send free text messages to your friends and family members that have any of the local carriers. These carriers include Vivo, Claro, Nextel, Hi and many others as well. If you’d like to send text messages without having to worry about paying money, this is an excellent service for you. Text messaging is a reliable way to send messages to friends and family members. That you don’t have to mail them or get on the Internet to send an e-mail. Text messages have become one of the most common forms of communication, they're used by businesses, individuals and just about everyone.

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The biggest benefit to text messaging with a free SMS company is that people will be able to receive your messages on their phone!

Text messaging originally started on phones. Now that text messaging has become very popular, online services like Torpedos Gratis have been launched so that you don’t have to be on a cell phone in order to send or receive a text message. Fortunately though, the people that you're sending messages to can read your message on their phone. If they've one of the carriers listed above, they'll be able to see your text message and read it, regardless of where they're located. Their cell phone reception is what allows them to receive the text message.

Free SMS messaging companies have no contracts or hidden fees!

A free SMS messaging company like Torpedos Gratis doesn’t have any hidden fees that you won’t see when you sign up. Fortunately, they don’t require a contract as well. All that you've to do to use the service is create an account and you'll instantly gain functionality to be able to send and receive text messages through the Internet. They don’t require a contract like some of the other companies do, where they make you sign up to a six month, one-year or two-year plan. Instead, you can use the service and come and go as you please, without having to worry about extra fees.

Text messaging through SMS companies can now be sent to tablets!

If your tablet has an Internet connection, you can use the Torpedos Gratis service on your tablet. Tablets are something that everyone owns nowadays. It’s essential that this functionality be available. As long as you can access a browser, you can get on the Torpedos Gratis website and send and receive text messages without having to pay any money. This is a very cool benefit to have. It’s something that's true for all devices that have an Internet connection. It doesn’t matter if you're trying to access the website from your computer, television or any other device, as long as there is an Internet connection present, you should be able to do so. Torpedos Gratis and other websites have revolutionized the text messaging industry, making it available at absolutely no cost.

If you are looking to send and receive SMS text messages for free, check out Torpedos Gratis, they can be located online by going to,

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