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Converted mobile homes may not be insurable.

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COUNTRYSIDE: I certainly enjoyed reading the March/April edition

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and wanted to share with you a thought concerning the enclosing en·close?  also in·close
tr.v. en·closed, en·clos·ing, en·clos·es
1. To surround on all sides. Close in.
2. To fence in so as to prevent common use: enclosed the pasture. ?or

turning a mobile home into a conventional type home.

Historically insurance costs for a mobile home/factory built home

with a metal frame is more expensive than a conventional stick built

house. The bad part of converting a mobile home is that most insurance

companies consider any structure that was a mobile home is always a

mobile home if it still has the metal frame. It may always be more

expensive to insure Insure can mean:

  • To provide for financial or other mitigation if something goes wrong: see insurance or .
  • Or you may be looking for insure or inshore.

?and sometimes isn't insurable in·sure? 
v. in·sured, in·sur·ing, in·sures
a. To provide or arrange insurance for: a company that insures homeowners and businesses.
b. ?at all.

My comments come from 16 years in the insurance business in the

central Appalachian area and having visited many beautiful conversions

only to have to explain to clients that the companies with the most cost

effective rates still wouldn't insure them. So think about setting your

trailer In communications, a code or set of codes that make up the last part of a transmitted message. See trailer label. ?to one side of the property and living there while you build

your stick built home in the ideal spot on your land.–John Myers,

Baxter, Kentucky Kentucky, state, United States
Kentucky?(kəntŭk`ē, kĭn–), one of the so-called border states of the S central United States. It's bordered by West Virginia and Virginia (E). Tennessee (S). The Mississippi R. . [email protected]

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