Star Social Media | Catalina Marketing Strengthens Its Loyalty Marketing Services Through The Acquisition Of DCI Cardmarketing.


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Catalina Marketing Strengthens Its Loyalty Marketing Services Through The Acquisition Of DCI Cardmarketing.

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ —. In a move to further

establish its position as the leader in loyalty marketing services,

Catalina Marketing Corporation (NYSE NYSE
See: New York Stock Exchange : POS (1) See point of sale and packet over SONET.
(2) “Parent over shoulder.”. See digispeak.

POS –. Point of sale ) announced today the

acquisition of DCI (Display Control Interface) An Intel/Microsoft programming interface for full-motion video and games in Windows. It allowed applications to take advantage of video accelerator features built into the display adapter. ?Cardmarketing, which offers card-based loyalty

marketing programs for retailers.

DCI Cardmarketing, a 27-year-old company based in Manasquan, N.J.,

has years of experience in providing loyalty marketing services,

including card and key tag issuance, database management, data analysis,

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targeted marketing and direct mail.

“The services of DCI Cardmarketing complement and extend our

existing business,”. Said Dave VanBuskirk, senior vice president of

worldwide loyalty marketing services at Catalina Marketing. “By

combining the proven history of DCI’s loyalty card products with

our experience in electronic targeted marketing, we'll solidify our

leadership position in all aspects of the loyalty marketing arena.”

DCI will continue to service its customers from its New Jersey

location as it transitions under the Catalina Marketing umbrella.

“The combination of DCI and Catalina Marketing will bring

added value Added value in financial analysis of shares is to be distinguished from value added. Used as a measure of shareholder value, calculated using the formula:
Added Value = Sales –. Purchases –. Labor Costs –. Capital Costs ?to retailers who utilize targeted marketing

techniques,”. Said Paul Corliss, president and founder of DCI

Cardmarketing. “Catalina Marketing has quickly become ‘the

one-stop shop’. Retailers as they initiate or advance their

loyalty building programs.”

“In just two years, we've developed a comprehensive package

of targeted marketing services for retailers —. Card and application

processing with DCI, data management through DCI’s DataMagic(TM)

product and Catalina Marketing’s own data warehousing product, and

consumer engagement via our Catalina Marketing Network(R) printers and

Market Logic, a leader in targeted direct mail services,”. Said Mike

Bechtol, president of Catalina Marketing Services.

Catalina Marketing Corporation, based in St. Petersburg, Florida St. Petersburg (often shortened to St. Pete) is a city in Pinellas County, Florida, United States. The city is known as a vacation destination for North American and European vacationers, as well as a politically important battleground in U.S. Presidential politics. ,

provides a network of marketing programs to more than 150 consumer goods consumer goods
Any tangible commodity purchased by households to satisfy their wants and needs. Consumer goods may be durable or nondurable. Durable goods (e.g., autos, furniture. Appliances) have a significant life span, often defined as three years or more. ?companies. The Catalina Marketing Network(R) provides purchase-based,

individually customized communications and promotions —. Reaching more

than 150 million U.S. shoppers every week in more than 11,600 installed

supermarkets. The Network uses actual purchase behavior to impact the

buying behavior of more people than television, radio, newspapers or the


The company’s businesses include: Catalina Marketing Services,

which markets the company’s core electronic marketing programs in

the U.S.. Catalina Marketing International, which markets Network

programs in the UK, France and Japan. Health Resource Publishing

Company, which delivers targeted incentives and advertising through

customized newsletters to pharmacy customers based on prescription

purchases. SuperMarkets Online, Inc., a secure coupon vehicle that

distributes promotions via the World Wide Web ( And

Market Logic, which specializes in the development and fulfillment of

highly sophisticated, personalized direct marketing programs.


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