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Best Cydia Apps for Downloading Video

Options Via Cydia

You may be looking for a good Cydia app to download movies and you may have also realized that it's much harder to find one than you'd thought.

Cydia apps to download Quicktime video are constantly published and the servers which host the content frequently are taken down or experience problems thus rendering apps useless very quickly. This can make it even more frustrating to find a viable option, fortunately we've rounded up a list of the some of the best apps including a few good Cydia apps to download movies.

Take a look at the rest of our list to learn about Cydia apps which can help you download movies, TV shows and even one or two that are dedicated to particular programs. Learn how to use Cydia here and Learn about the best Cydia sources here.


Video Tube is a very simple to use Cydia app to download good movies on the iPhone. The unique thing about Video Tube is that it's? entirely free and doesn't require registration nor purchases of individual movies.

Storyboard Pro: A Free Video Pre-Production Solution

With Storyboard Pro you could easily share the visual plan of your video with other members of your project, be they actors, cameramen or video editors.

The best part is you don’t have to open your wallet at all to get started. Storyboard Pro is freeware available for Windows and Mac.


No installation is required.

After you download a 7MB RAR file from the Atomic Learning website, you unzip it and double click on StoryBoard Solution , the icon with a PLAY button on it.

For ease of use, you would want to create a shortcut on your desktop...

Upon launching Video Tube, simply hit Movies at the bottom. Select a movie and then you'll be routed to a website containing the file. Upon launching it, the movie will begin to stream inside the Video Tube application. Movies are controlled as if they were being streamed from YouTube.

Video Tube uses various public file sharing sites to host the links and surprisingly the vast majority of the movies have no problems and aren't removed. Selection is semi-limited but for free you can't expect much more.

Download Video Tube for free by searching in the Cydia app.

Movie Land

Out of all the Cydia apps for iPhone to download movies, Movie Land is one of the best designed and easiest to use. This application is? particularly stable, has a large list of videos, strong support and works exactly as you'd expect it to.

Upon launching Movie Land you're required to register an account, using this account you'll be able to access movies. Movies aren't free, however, the prices are very affordable, often as low as one dollar. Once you purchase a movie you're able to view it any time you like without the need to download it.

Once the movie launches, it streams directly to the device just like YouTube. All the controls function the same as if it was YouTube as well. The speed is very impressive in Movie Land and the quality of the video is overall good. You can play the Free Samples to insure it works.

Movie Land can be downloaded by searching Cydia.

Movie Stream

Movie Stream launches as a full screen browsing experience and takes you directly to the website. This website hosts a? large amount of movies and also links to many more.

you'll need a free account, similar to a forum. Users are then given access to some of the content. To gain access to all of the movies you must pay for a VIP membership, the price of which changes frequently. For VIP members there is a large amount of content available and the application works quite well.

Videos are streamed to the device in real-time and can be controlled as if they were a YouTube video. VIP membership is a fixed price and you don't have to pay per movie or view.

Movie Stream can be downloaded by searching the Cydia app.


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