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A World First – Skyecandy Set To Launch Video Speed Dating via Skype this Valentine's Day

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) February 2, 2010

Forget blind dates, noisy bars and ‘traditional’ online dating, a new style of dating has hit singles in time for Valentine's Day. Skyecandy announces a worldwide dating event this Valentine's Day to celebrate the official launch of Skyecandy video speed dating via Skype.

Eddie and Dan, two hopeless romantics, will kick off the launch with a livestream event beginning at 9:00 a.m Sydney Time (EST) on Sunday February 14th, 2010, which will simultaneously stream on Skyecandy, Facebook and Livestream.

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Skyecandy matches members for 5 minute video speed dates with real people from all over the world. It offers users the security to interact face-to-face and meet potential partners or make new friends using Skype, without having to exchange any personal information. And you can enjoy this from the comfort of your own home.

Skyecandy is designed with women in mind. “If you're a woman on the dating scene, it can be such a minefield,”. Says Skyecandy founder Melonie Ryan, a thirty something Sydney-based entrepreneur. “Video dating promises to be a popular alternative to lengthy profiles searching, misleading profiles and the delayed chat and email-based communication of traditional online dating services. Now with instant face to face dating, in a matter of minutes, you can establish a mutual attraction.”

Speed Date sessions run every six minutes. Each date runs for five minutes with a minute in between that enables you to give a simple answer, YES or NO. If you both vote YES, you can continue to communicate for free using Skype, in your own time, at your own pace. You can also record your thoughts with Reminder Notes about the date and send a little Post Speed Date Notes (PS note) to someone you liked.

At the livestream event on Valentine's Day, Eddie and Dan will give friends and singles a closer look at Skyecandy and some of these world-first features that make this dating experience like no other. A surprise special guest will share the stage with Dan and Eddie who'll kick off the worldwide dating event, inviting single men and women everywhere to find their Valentine on Skyecandy this Valentine's Day. The livestream event will be archived at Skyecandy's Facebook Page and Livestream channel.

In another Skyecandy first, the livestream event will be captured using Logitech HD webcams. Logitech comes onboard as a promotional partner for Skyecandy and is providing HD webcams for the launch as well as prizes for Skyecandy's video contest.

“We see a synergy with Skyecandy as they're capitalising on the exponential growth of social applications like Skype, Facebook and Twitter which are changing the face of the Internet,” says Nick Angelucci, Logitech Product Marketing Manager Australia &. New Zealand.

Skyecandy is a Skype Extra third party application. All you need is a PC, Internet access and a webcam. You download Skyecandy directly from Skype’s Tools Menu, Extras, Get Extras in the Community section and register as a user.

About Skyecandy: is the first video speed dating service via Skype and allows members to be matched to real people all over the world for five minute speed dates across all time zones. Skyecandy is committed to bringing a fun and friendly experience and introduces Friendly Star Rating, personal Reminder Notes, P.S Notes and Cheeky Notes to its online speed dating community.


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