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15 Reasons to Have a Facebook Page

Remember how popular being in the Yellow Pages once was? It was practically impossible to have a successful business without a listing in there.

Now, it’s all about Facebook Pages. That's the place your business needs to be today.

Don’t believe it? Here are 15 reasons why Facebook Pages are the best way to market your business:

1. it's free. It doesn't cost you anything to set up a page and you control the content that you post.

2. People can “self select.” This means you don't have to do any accepting for them to see your page. They just click the “Like” button and they're part of your community.

3. No cap on how many people like your page. With a personal profile there is a cap of 5000 friends. With Facebook Pages, you can have millions of people connected to you. Announces Feedback Tab for Facebook

Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) September 1, 2010, an online platform that helps businesses engage with their customers, announced today their new “Feedback Tab” application for Facebook. This new, free application is available for any Facebook page and puts editorial control back in their owners’ hands. The easy-to-use tab interface allows page owners to quickly sort through all of their comments, respond to them accordingly, and showcase testimonials permanently. The Feedback tab also provides a better way to communicate with friends and fans.

The Feedback Tab provides an easy way to keep and use the comments page owners want, unlike feedback...

4. You can share your page. The pages of others, via your personal profile. This makes it easy for people who like your page to share it with others. Should be good incentive for you to always provide great content.

5. The door to communication opens up. By adding the Facebook “Like” box to your website, it's easy for you to connect in two places with people who visit your site.

6. You can advertize your page. You certainly can’t advertize your personal profile – that'd be a bit odd.

7. You can offer simple signups. Adding an email opt-in box to your site or blog can make it easy for people to subscribe to your newsletter.

8. You can get people to subscribe via their mobile device. That means they can “like” your page by texting 32665 to the name of your page. You can also request to receive page updates by SMS, by clicking on “receive updates via SMS” on the page. You must register your cellular number with Facebook for this to work.

9. Be seen! If you own a physical business, you can connect your page to a venue so when people check in using Facebook Places, your company shows up.

10. Focus your marketing. Once you connect your page to the correct venue, you can also take advantage of Facebook Deals and offer specials to people for checking into your establishment.

11. Keep your private life private. You never have to worry about privacy issues because your page is all about your business.

12. Make it easy to find you. You can set up a custom URL once you've 25 people who like your page and use this page to share with others.

13. Customize what others see. You can customize your page and add really cool tabs using sites like Facebook Tab Site and really stand out in the crowd.

14. Get an important message out to everyone fast. You can take advantage of other marketing tools, such as sending a message to all fans, once in a while if you want. You can’t email all your friends on Facebook at one time easily.

15. Track your results. You get free reporting on how your page is doing.

There are many reasons to have a Facebook page. Tech savvy consumers are using the deep search option on Facebook to find way more than just friends. Make sure they find you! Don’t let anyone say, “I can’t believe you aren’t on Facebook yet!”

Juliet's facebook page from VR Burton

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